Appendix G. Linking to external resources

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This is a preliminary version which can be changed or updated at any time.
The appendix has been written by Tarrin Wills.


G.1 Authorities referenced by URN

dsn: Danmarks stednavne (
fsvldb: Fornsvensk lexikalisk databas (
gdo: Gammeldansk ordbog (
kartverket: Kartverket (Norge) (
lanl: Simek and Pálsson, Lexicon der altnordisches Literatur (2007)
lm: Lantmäteriet (
lmi: Landmælingar Íslands (
ngn: Norske Gaardnavne (at
onp: Ordbog over det norrøne prosasprog (
sbi: Scandinavian Biographical Index
sdfe: Place-names (Stednavne) from Styrelsen for Dataforsyning og Effektivisering (


G.2 Reference types

  • event: a sequence of related actions at a particular time and place
  • lemma: headword form of a word
  • ms: manuscript, charter or other unique text-bearing object
  • person: a human being generally believed to live or have lived
  • place: a named location such as a settlement or geographical feature
  • thing: a reference to something not belonging to the other categories, such as a mythological being or object, or a fictional person
  • work: a textual work such as a saga, poem or learned text


G.3 List of non-URL URI formats used

Thing Type Authority Key format Fragment format (#) Example Thing referenced Source
Books published since c. 1970 urn isbn integer (ISBN number) volume, page urn:isbn:8270992615 Krömmelbein, T. Dritte grammatische Abhandlung 1998
Serials published since c. 1976 (including older volumes in the same journal) urn issn integer (ISSN number) volume, issue, page urn:issn:03059219 Saga-Book of the Viking Society
Electronic published research doi doi address page doi:10.1093/llc/fqt045 Wills, ‘Relational Data Modelling of Textual Corpora’ 2013
Headwords — West Norse menota: lemma onp integer (ONP database key from O_LEMMA table) menota:lemma:onp:22938 forskáli, sb.
Headwords — Old Danish menota: lemma gdo string[,integer] (headword and optional homograph number from URL) menota:lemma:gdo:skin,2 skin, sb. for mod. Dan. ‘skin’ (not mod. ‘skind’),2&query=%25
Headwords — Old Swedish menota: lemma fsvldb (Fornsvensk lexikalisk databas) string[,class[,integer]] (headword + optional word class + optional homograph number based on order of results from web search) menota:lemma:fsld:forskilia menota:lemma:skin,n,2 forskilia vb.; skin, sb. for ‘skin’
Manuscripts menota: ms handrit xml:id (from last part of URL) menota:ms:handrit:JS04-0041 JS 41 4to
Manuscripts menota: ms onp integer (ONP database key from MSMADAT table) menota:ms:onp:8330 AM 173 d A 10 4°
Manuscripts menota: ms onp string (ONP ms. siglum) menota:ms:onp:AM%20173%20d%20A%2010%204 AM 173 d A 10 4°
Manuscripts menota: ms fasnl xml:id TBA TBA
Pre-1540 West Norse prose works menota: work onp integer (ONP’s database key, from URL, ultimately from VKTITEL table) chapter (using numbering of main edn) menota:work:onp:109#chapter=60 Egils saga
Post-1540 West Norse prose works menota: work handrit string (’s most frequent ‘uniform’ title) chapter (using numbering of main edn) menota:work:handrit:Hrómundar+saga+Greipssonar#chapter=3 Hrómundar saga (ch. 3 identified in fragment section)ómundar+saga+Greipssonar
Other Norse works menota: work lanl string (the Lexion's bold headword) menota:work:lanl:Hrómundar%20saga%20Gripssonar Hrómundar saga Gripssonar Simek and Pálsson, Lexicon der altnordisches Literatur (2007)
Old Danish works menota: work gdo integer (GDO’s hard-to-find key) chapter (using numbering of main edn) menota:work:gdo:251 DiplDan
People menota: person sbi string (full bolded entry head) menota:person:sbi:Snorri%20Sturluson Scandinavian Biographical Index (there is no electronic way of referencing entries in this resource)
People menota: person handrit string (handrit’s letter+number siglum, from URL) menota:person:handrit:SnoStu001 Snorri Sturluson
Danish place names (current) menota: place sdfe integer (FEAT_ID value in shape file) menota:place:sdfe:159733 Gammel Lejre / Hleiðagarðr
Danish place names (historical) menota: place dsn integer (first column in exported Excel file) menota:place:dsn:167334 Gammel Lejre / Hleiðagarðr
Icelandic place names (current) menota: place lmi integer (NAMEID value in shape file) menota:place:lmi:18513 Helgafell (Fjall), Helgafellssveit
Norwegian place names (current) menota: place kartverket integer (Stednummer) menota:place:kartverket:558690 Trondheim / Niðarós
Norwegian place names (historical) menota: place ngn Gårdsnr,Sogn,Herred,Amt menota:place:ngn:70,Røken,Røken,Buskeruds%20amt Auvi søndre, Røken sn., Buskerud
Swedish place names (current) menota: place lm Namn,Kommun,Län,Namntyp (only if unambiguous) menota:place:lm:Torsbro,Uppsala,Uppsala,Bebyggelse Torsbro, Uppland