Appendix C: XML Editors

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C.1 Introduction

In order to write and edit XML one needs some sort of editing tool. Due to the nature of XML almost any text editing tool can be used, but there are also some specialised editors on the market. The decision on what kind of editor to use depends more or less entirely on personal preference and what kind of software the individual users are familiar with.

The suggestions made below are only meant to be a guide to what we feel are convenient tools. For each of the editors we describe, there are probably a large number of almost identical alternatives, but these are the XML editing tools we have made use of and feel comfortable recommending to others.

C.2 <oXygen/>

<oXygen/> is a pure XML editor and does therefore have quite a few specialised functions that are not normally found in a general text editor of the kind TextPad represents. <oXygen/> is, in many ways, similar to editors like XML Spy og Xmetal, but there are some points that, in our view, makes it a first choice compared to other editors

C.3 Alternatives

Apart from <oXygen/> there are many other editors, such as [continue here].