News in v. 1.1 of the Menota handbook


1. Coordination with MUFI character recommendation v. 1.0

Characters and their corresponding entitites have been coordinated with the MUFI character recommendation v. 1.0 (8 December 2003). Menota's Document Type Definition has been updated accordingly.


2. Update to the Unicode Standard v. 4.0

All references to the Unicode standard have been updated from v. 3.2 to v. 4.0, and new code points added (e.g. the range of small capitals in Phonetic Extensions).


3. Specification of deviations from the TEI P4

All deviations from TEI P4 have been specified; cf. this list.


4. Validation of all examples in the handbook

All examples in the handbook have been validated against Menota's own Document Type Definition (as of 30 April 2004).


5. New conversion tool

A script has been added for the conversion of entities to Unicode code points and vice versa, cf. Conversion tools.


6. Cleansing of source code

The source code through the whole book has been thouroughly cleansed.


7. Other corrections

A number of misprints and unidiomatic expressions have been removed.



Created 12 May 2004. Last update 12 May 2004.